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Work With Purpose

We're a doctor-driven company, which means we've experienced firsthand the challenges that clinicians face in providing the best care for each patient. We're on a mission to transform outcomes by building technologies that guide clinician decision-making and prevent errors.

Our Key Objectives

To build digital solutions that revolutionize patient safety by preventing errors

To have transformative impact

To derive passion, excitement, and fulfillment from our work

Our Values

Our team is at the heart of what we do. And we're guided by 6 core values:

We move with urgency, like lives depend on it (because they do).

We act with integrity. We do what is right for patient safety, without cutting corners. We take responsibility and pride in our work.

We are creative problem solvers. 
Revolutionary ideas are just that. We figure out how to make something work, not why it won't.

We are willing to sit on the floor, roll up our sleeves, and contribute in whatever way we can, no matter our role. We are in this together.

We seek feedback early and often, and we rapidly integrate it into our work. Diverse perspectives create strength.

We are kind. Compassion, candor, and humility are central to our success. We feel grateful to be part of such an incredible team.

Your Wellbeing Is Our Top Priority

Competitive Compensation
Robust medical coverage
Flexible time off (that we expect you to use!)
Remote-first culture 
Paid parental leave (for birthing and non-birthing parents)
401(k) Plan
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We're always looked for talented people. If you are interested in staying in touch about future positions, email us at

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