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GuidedOR, a Guided Clinical Solutions Technology, Wins at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2022

BOSTON, MA - Nov 14, 2022 – GuidedOR, a first-to-market real-time medication safety software platform for the operating room (OR), was awarded first place at the scientific and educational product exhibit at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2022, the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. GuidedOR was initially developed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and is now commercialized by Boston-based Guided Clinical Solutions Inc. It enables the most progressive hospitals to use adaptive, artificial intelligence solutions to prevent errors, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

GuidedOR was demonstrated along with dozens of new products over two days and judged by a panel of anesthesiologists for originality, clinical importance, and scientific merit. “We are honored to be recognized by clinicians who have seen first-hand the impact of GuidedOR and its ability to improve both patient safety and workflow efficiency," said Dr. Karen Nanji, Co-Founder at Guided Clinical Solutions and Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology at Harvard Medical School. “Medication errors in the OR are common and have a high potential for patient harm, so it is critical that we take steps to incorporate additional safeguards.”

Most of the standard electronic and human safeguards to prevent medication errors that exist elsewhere in the hospital are not available in the OR due to the fast-paced nature of the OR, and the patient condition, which can change rapidly during surgery. As a result, about 1 in 25 medication administrations in the OR involves a medication error. Due to the large number of medications patients receive during surgery, this means that 40% of operations involve at least one medication error.

GuidedOR is a medication safety software platform that is fully integrated with the electronic health record and vital sign monitors, and runs on operating room computers to provide real-time critical safety checks as doctors administer medications to patients. When doctors scan medication syringe barcodes, GuidedOR provides patient-specific information including recommended doses based on the patient’s age, weight or medical history, and alerts for allergies or other critical problems. GuidedOR then sends the medication information to the electronic health record for automated documentation, improving OR efficiency and saving 20% of the doctor’s time. It also reminds clinicians of important medications or tests that may have been missed.

With a growing body of evidence to support its safety and efficiency benefits, Guided Clinical Solutions is working to implement GuidedOR in operating rooms around the country. "GuidedOR has a profound impact on both safety and efficiency, presenting a huge opportunity for hospitals and surgical centers," said Theodore Nguyen-Cao, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Guided Clinical Solutions.

About Guided Clinical Solutions

Guided Clinical Solutions is a health technology startup that is building the next generation of clinical decision support technology to revolutionize patient safety by preventing errors. Hospitals and surgical centers are partnering with Guided Clinical Solutions to implement GuidedOR, a software platform that provides real-time critical information to clinicians to prevent medication errors in the operating room. Studies show that GuidedOR improves quality of care and workflow efficiency, saving more than 20% of clinicians’ time on medication administration and documentation. For more information, visit



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