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GuidedOR's First Place Win at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2022 Featured in ASA Monitor

GuidedOR, Guided Clinical Solutions, ASA, anesthesiology

WASHINGTON, DC, March 2023, ASA Monitor - The unique and popular Scientific and Education Exhibits forum presents the opportunity to display novel technology and innovative anesthetic techniques and equipment. The physical format allows attendees to actively participate in the presentation and educational processes and personally interact with the creators. We provide a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates the diverse community of anesthesiologist and trainee members of ASA and the equally diverse contributions they make in the world. Recent award winners presented their work developing novel clinical software and virtual reality, strengthening global health connections and striving to make the field of anesthesiology a welcoming and inclusive community.

This year was filled with high-impact exhibits, and the scoring was within a few tenths of a point for the top five. For this reason, we decided to award co-second and co-third prizes. The winners in 2022:

  1. “Perioperative Clinical Decision Support Software Platform,” presented by Karen C. Nanji, MD, MPH, of Massachusetts General Hospital. This exhibit featured a novel clinical decision support (CDS) software platform that uses real-time patient data to generate individualized recommendations and alerts to prevent medication errors in the OR.

  2. (Tie). “Perioperative Utilization of Immersive Technologies,” presented by Olivia Hess, BA, from Stanford University School of Medicine. This exhibit showcased virtual reality technology applications for pain relief, anxiolysis, rehabilitation, and anesthesia education.

  3. (Tie). “Artificial Breathing Capability Device: An Innovation for Respiratory Support in Low-Resource Settings,” presented by Preethy J. Mathew, MD, from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in India. This exhibit displayed a low-cost device to automate compression of self-inflating manual resuscitators for patients who require mechanical ventilation in low-resource settings.

  4. (Tie). “Creation and Evaluation of a Novel Pipeline Mentorship Program for Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) Anesthesia Residents Pursuing Fellowship Training,” presented Billy Nguyen, BS, from the University of San Francisco School of Medicine. This exhibit demonstrated a pilot mentorship program to address the dearth of subspecialty trained URiM anesthesiologists.

  5. (Tie). “Are You Still Breathing? Visual Indication of Respiration with Thermochromic Technology,” presented by Nate Needham, DO, of the University of Wisconsin. This exhibit showcased that thermochromic coating applied to a nasal cannula or oxygen mask can aid in early detection of apnea

ASA thanks the members of the 2022 Committee on Scientific and Educational Exhibits for all their hard work and dedication:

Tara Kennedy, MD, FASA, Chair; Kris Schroeder, MD, FASA, Vice Chair; Claude Abdallah, MD, MS, FASA, Ami Attali, DO, Jaime Baratta, MD, Dean Connors, FASA, MD, Laurie Davies, MD, Kenechi Ebede, MD, Richard Galgon, MD, MS, Lindsay Lewis, DO, Meera Gonzalez, MD, FASA, Matthew Hunter, MD, Christina Jeng, MD, FASA, Christopher Ma, MD, Bryan Mahoney, MD, FASA, Kinjal Patel, MD, Yong Gang Peng, MD, FASA, Aaron Primm, MD, FASA, Vidya Raman, MD, MBA, FAAP, FASA, Shilpa Ramesh, MD, Adam Setren, MD, and Uzung Yoon, MD, PhD.


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